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A sweet, soulful Teacher, Stacey encourages students to discover "that which does not change"; a deep connection to our spirit that lies beneath external conditioning and habitual patterns. She has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and has been teaching for 12 years. Only after she became injured, did she truly begin to understand the power of Yoga. Soon after her back and neck surgery, did she then make the decision to become more disciplined with her yoga and meditation practice. She began by taking a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Joschi Yoga Institute in NYC. That was the beginning of her journey of self discovery and self study.   Her hope now is to continue to give to others what was so freely given to her. The beautiful knowledge of teaching a physical yoga practice, meditation, breathing techniques and how to live a true yogic lifestyle. She has been studying Yoga Medicine for 2 years and focusing on the function and dysfunction of the body. These anatomy trainings focused and assisted her on her journey to help people that suffer from chronic pain or disease. This yoga practice completely changed her physical and spiritual life. Allowing her to manage her pain and calm her anxiety. It is truly a miracle to practice yoga.

Her classes?....well, it depends what you're coming for....Vinyasa and Hatha classes are creative, challenging and fun. Drawing on her gymnastics background, the sequencing is expressive and fluid while encouraging alignment (and a healthy use of props!) Stacey's Yoga Medicine Therapy teachings are done on a one on one basis, allowing her to focus on specific poses, movements and theraputics that will assist you in reaching your own personal physical and spiritual goals.

Stacey's Yin and Restorative classes are an invitation to pause, yield to the sense of support, turn inward and take the practice to a quiet, nourishing place; away from the external stress of our busy lives.


Endless gratitude to Teachers: Raghunath Cappo, Kastubha Das and Judith Hanson Lasater for their encouragement, support and loving guidance on this incredible path.





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